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We know keeping tabs on your farm is hard

We work with farmers in Asia, when asked how they stayed on top of their farms they said the process was a challenging one for a bunch of reasons

Actionable data is quite tough to collect

It takes resources to collect, on top of the resources that are already used to manage your farm and keep things running.

It takes time to process manually captured data

Converting notes to a friendly format so you can make heads or tails of it take up so much resources, most don’t and just end up accumulating unused records

It a hassle to keep and retrieve analogue files

More often than not a mountain of paper records of important data like feed or sampling sizes and everything in between piles up and horrendous to locate old records

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So we built Aquamob

Wanting to keep the technology super simple and light so it was easy to pick up and inexpensive to get started on, we focused on just building solutions that targeted the most challenging parts of making data actionable.

Collecting better data

We realised that some data needs to be observed, not having a sensor or probe usually means having to manually collect data onto a form.
The Aquamob grab app simplifies this process by having simple manual input fields that farm hands can use to collect data. This helps reduce errors by reducing the number of times the data needs to be re-input.

Making data available

To be of use, the data is converted into hassle free usable formats such as spreadsheets or CSV. Farmers can use this along with their existing formulas super easily.

Data is made available to farmers via an automated daily, weekly and monthly email. This means owners and decision makers are able to use data to make quicker decisions

Keeping data safe

All data collected is stored securely in the cloud, ready for use as a backup to data that the farmer is already using. Because its digital farmers don’t face issues when looking for obscure raw data like they would if it was stored in an analogue format

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Aquamob is for medium and large farms

Primarily designed for expanding farms and owners that need a better line of sight on their farms. We currently operate mainly for grow outs, but we are excited to bring the same technology to hatcheries and nurseries in the near future

Flexible enough for saltwater or freshwater growouts that are tank based or open water based. Aquamob has been used on the following species and we intend to grow to serve decorative fish, crabs and pretty much all aquaculture based species

Fin fish farm

Shrimp farm

Lobster Farm

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